About us


Since 2019, the Svezhaya Nota brand has been part of the Laboratoire Naturel family, an international company specializing in the development and production of personal care products. All products in the line meet the stringent European requirements for personal care products. In 2021, we grew the Svezhaya Nota product line with new additions, like household wet wipes, which have already become family favourites in thousands of homes. Svezhaya Nota baby wipes are bestsellers on both Wildberries and Ozon, two of the largest online retailers in Russia. Svezhaya Nota is also known as Green Pom in particular countries.

Our advantages

As a trusted brand, we keep things simple with affordable, safe products. Our products are always pleasant to use, thanks to a wide assortment of lovely natural scents and quality materials. We make the kinds of wipes that we’d want to use every day, and, as thousands of independent reviews prove, many others love them as well.

Why us?

We approach our entire process with passion and responsibility. At every stage, we strive to create the best products possible, from the manufacturing stage to when the product finally reaches our customer’s hands. This is why our products are always made to be safe, affordable and friendly.